Sunday, 17 April 2011

powerful tips to troubleshoot your play station 3

Hello guys, Trevor here. Is your play station 3 showing an error sign or a yellow light is appearing on your console? Are you contemplating on getting a new ps3 or sending yours back into the manufacturer for repairs? If you haven’t done this yet then that is a good thing. Please read on for the do’s and don’ts when your play station 3 starts showing error messages. Do not kick or physically abuse your plays tation. Do not purchase another ps3. No not send it back for repairs. Unless you are a certified Sony tech expert, do not use a Phillips screw driver and open the console. There have been many discussions on troubleshooting a play station 3. This is my list on how I trouble shoot my console.
Hello, thanks for visiting my blog on PS3 troubleshooting. You probably found this site because your ps3 is not working properly. Well you found the right place. I was in your position a couple months back. I was going crazy. The PS3 console is expensive and I did not have the money to replace it. So I looked online for any advice i can get regarding PS3 troubleshooting. I have compiled an extensive list that details what you can do to fix your ps3 so you don’t have to purchase a new one or send it into Sony for repairs. Warning: sending your PS3 in for repairs will cost you over $200 dollars for shipping and handling fees. When Sony repairs your PS3 , it will be sent back to you a couple weeks later with all your memory on your ps3 erased. So if you want to avoid sending your ps3 to Sony or purchase a new PS3 then please read on.
Step 1. Try turning on and off your console a couple times. This might seem like the most obvious thing to do but surprisingly enough, this would fix most electronic unit that is acting a little fussy.
Step 2. Try using another disc. The disc you are using right now might be scratched causing error signals to appear on your screen. When changing disc, make sure you are using a very new/clean disc so that you are sure that the disc will not be the problem.
Step 3. Turn your console off for over 30 mins. If you are playing your ps3 for over 24 hours (leaving it on) then the console will over heat and cause error problems. SO leave it turned off for a while till the console feels cool and then try turning it back on.
Step 4. Check all the cables and make sure that they are all connected properly. You never know when someone was trying to vacuum and inadvertently unplug your ps3 cables.
These are some of the simplest things you can do to get your ps3 to start working again. If all this does not work, click here for further details on how you can fix your PS3 in under an hour.